Sunday 8 September 2013

Water Decals

Cheap Water Decals

Just a quick post to share some very nice and cheap water decals I purchased from ebay. Six sets of different decals on one big sheet, enough to do two sets of nails with each of the 6 designs. £1.20 each and free P&P. From HongKong, and delivery was fairly quick. They have so many different designs, flowers, lace, Christmas, Halloween and Valentines. If you would like to look, just click here. These are the ones I bought...

I can't tell you how well they work, as I haven't tried them yet. But they are very pretty, well packaged and bigger than I was expecting. 
Have a fab evening :)



  1. These look really pretty and fraction of the cost compared to here.

    1. That's what I thought, was surprised at how many there are for the price x

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