Thursday 12 September 2013

Liebster Award again!

The lovely Dawn at Sassy Little Nails has also nominated me for the Liebster Award, si this is the second time of me doing this!! For those who haven't heard I'll quickly say what its about.
It's not so much an award, but a way of finding new and up coming bloggers, who's blog has less than 200 followers.
The rules are, you must nominate another 11 blogs who have less than 200 followers, and let them know you've nominated them. You are given 11 questions by the blogger who nominated you, which you must answer. You must give the blogs you nominate 11 question for them to answer. Finally you must link back to the person who nominated you.

Heres the answers to the questions I was asked..

 1.What is your fav thing to do when you want to relax?
Funny enough I put my headphones on and just sit with my eyes closed and listen to music. I love all kinds so could be from my main man Enrique <3 or to trance!!

2.Are there any products that you never expected to like but ended up loving?
Tinted moisturiser, as I can't find a foundation that suits my skin tone, and believe me I've tried, been orange, pink! Then I gave up looking..

3.What is one nail polish/product you cannot live without?

Sally Hansen 30 second Insta-dri top coat. Since finding and trying this I always have spares. Dries so quick and leaves an awesome shine to my nails too :) Also saves me from sitting there like a robot waiting for my nails to dry ha ha

4. If you could go to the future or past what year would you like to be in? 

If I could go into the past, it would have to be the year 1999, just so I could see my Mum again <3 

5.What is one quote or saying that really means something to you?

'What goes around comes around.' I'm a true believer in Karma!! There's many people I know who had a kick up the rear and they deserved it too!

6.what's your fav top tip to give?can be anything tip or beauty tips. 

Washing up liquid is good for getting stains out of clothes. Make lots of bubbles in the washing machine though so don't do as I first did and use loads :/

7.What was the last thing you ever said that was funny?

I'm always making people laugh, so this is hard for me to answer. I have a warped sense of humour, and very quick witted. Even laugh at myself sometimes, but then laughing is good :)

8.What's one thing that most people probably wouldn't know about you?

That I was a 24 hour carer for my Mum for nine years, moved next door to be closer to her and even when she became really ill the Intensive Care Nurses moved aside to let me look after her.

9.What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice? 
There is nothing that I actually preach about, each to their own I think.

10.If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?

Easy my main man Enrique Iglesias, although I'd probably faint lol

11.Are there any beauty products that you keep coming back to throughout the years?

None that I can think of, I'll try anything once if I think it looks good. MUA have been going for a few years now, so if any I would have to say their beauty products, as they are great value for money.

Yay they are done :)

The 11 blogs I'm nominating are:

1.The Lucky Magpie
2.Natalie's Nifty Nails
3.Life in Lacquer
4.Rock and Roll Pussycat
5.Lane's Lacquers
6.Kitty's Painted Claws
7.The Nail Noodle
8.UK Nail Runner
9.Anna's Polish Addiction
10.Little Tip Off
11.Fundamentally Flawless

And the 11 questions for you all..
1. Where did your blog name come from?
2. What inspired you to start blogging?
3. Favourite and least favourite colour?
4. How do you relax?
5. Summer or Winter?
6. If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?
7. Has anything good ever happened to you as a result of your blog?
8. Best tip advice, beauty or other?
9. Comedy or horror?
10. Has blogging taken over your life?
11. Where do you see your blog 10 years from now?

Please comment back with a link so I know you have accepted the award and can read your answers :) Thanks again for my nomination!!



  1. Thanks for the nomination :)

    1. Thank you. Wow 7 nominations! I got my 3rd today, and like you just answered the questions, as I'm polite too. Plus I was running out of blogs to nominate and questions to ask lol x