Wednesday 11 September 2013

Hedy's Manishma Brights Collection

Neon Matte Brights

So today I have a review of some awesome Neon Matte Polish from Hedy's Manishma. I did a post a while ago saying I saw these on Cosmetic Fairy website, and tried my own neon polish and matte top coat to create the same effect. Although the outcome of this was good, it still didn't stop me wanting the Hedy's Manishma Polishes! So I gave in and bought all six of them, at 99p each and £1.75 P&P. Sadly when I got them the Rocket Green was was completely dried out. This was a disappointment, as I was so looking forward to getting them. I took photos and emailed them, and got a reply saying they would send me a replacement, so I was happy again :)

10ml bottles

Onto the other colours in this set....

Rocket Green, Electric Blue, Bolts of Blue, High Voltage, Lightening and Nuclear Pink

I quickly swatched each colour apart from the green, as at the time of doing this I was still waiting for the replacement. Such a beautiful neon rainbow :)

Electric Blue lives up to its name, but also looked purply at times. Matte with a nice shimmer, two coats and I didn't paint my nails white with any of these colours, as I was swatching them one after the other!! Nice coverage and no streaking.

Bolts of Blue again matte with a shimmer, but a nice shade of blue, that was also good coverage after two coats.

High Voltage, a vibrant bright matte orange, I was so glad I was wearing my sunglasses, as this was so bright! Two coats.

Lightening. This is a super neon  matte yellow, reminded me of a banana lol I don't know why though! This colour amazed me, as most yellow polishes are very streaky, but this wasn't a problem with this one, again two coats.

Nuclear Pink. Although I love Bright blue colours, I also have a soft spot for bright pinks, and this colour was the main reason I got these. I know I could have just bought the pink, but that's not me, lol I needed to get them all!! Two coats, great coverage and no streaking. Super bright.

Rocket Green. Yay I got the replacement one! Sent an email thanking them again, and was waiting for the sun to make an appearance so the photos matched!! Managed to get one in the sun, but sadly seems the Summer is over now :( This green is so so so bright, again just two coats. Seems to have a slight shimmer, but not as much as either of the blues. But an awesome shade of green.

Overall I'm happy I got these. They are super super bright, and I'm liking matte polish at the moment. They all applied well, great coverage and dried quickly. I know Autumn colours are on the way, but these are a must buy for anyone who loves neon colours and matte polish. Even if you aren't a fan of matte you could always use a shiny top coat. 

I would really love to hear your thoughts on these. 
Thank you for reading, and I say a big thank you to everyone who stops by to read or look. I've only been blogging for just over 4 months, and enjoying every minute of it, and the feedback I've had is amazing, and I'm very humbled by it :) Till next time..


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