Monday 30 September 2013

Tinsel nails

Glitter Tinsel Nail

Maybe a bit too early, but I saw a photo of the new Julie G Gumdrop nails polishes, as I they won't be available in the UK for a while, and my nail polish fund is on zero, I thought I'd have a go at making something similar. When I first saw the photo, it reminded me more of Christmas tinsel nails, than gum drop sweets. Just google image Julie G Gumdrop, and you can see for yourselves, as I didn't want to take someone else's photo.

So for mine I started out with my bags of loose glitter.

From these glitters I chose red, gold, blue, silver, green and pink, and painted the nails in a matching colour. With the seconds coat of polish, thats when I sprinkled the whole nail with the glitter. When this had dried, I lightly brushed the nail to remove any loose glitter, and then with a top coat just painted across the tip of the nail, and sprinkled another colour glitter onto it. Done this with all six nails, and top coated each when glitter was dry. And here's how the came out....

So sparkly and just reminds me of Christmas. Messy too lol, so if I did this on my own nails, I would use lip balm on the skin round my nails, so the glitter wouldn't stick and make cleaning up a whole lot easier!!
Would you try this for a Christmas Nail Art? Does it remind you of the festive season?
Thanks for reading :) Have a great day....