Monday 16 September 2013

Liebster Award for the 3rd time!!

So for the third time I have been nominated for the Liebster Award, this time by the lovely Neon Sparkly Nails.  As I have done this twice before, all I'm going to do is answer the questions that I was asked. The reason for this is I'm running out of question's to ask other's myself,  I have nominated 22 blog's already, and although its fun doing something like this, it is very time consuming.

So the questions that Neon Sparkly Nails asked me and my answers:

1. What is your favourite brand of polish?
I have a fair few many brands, and this is hard to answer. But if I could choose 3 they would be, MUA, Beauty UK and Barry M.

2. What is your favourite polish colour?
Bright pink or Electric blue, I couldn't choose between them. 

3. Do you have a favourite singer/band?
My main man Enrique Iglesias <3

4. Do you have any hobbies other than nails?
I used to do cross stitch, then went onto baking and decorating cakes. Now it's all about nails!

5. Do you have any pets?
Have had quite a few different pets through out the years. Our longest pet was our beloved cat Tilly. We got her as a 6 month old kitten from a rescue place. She was with us for 19 years, and was sadly put to sleep in June, as very ill :(

6. What is your hand care routine?
I have a different pair of gloves for all aspects of housework. I use Superdrug's own hand cream morning, noon and night, and cuticle oil when I first get up, and again before I go to bed. 

7. What is your favourite type of nail art?
At the mo I would have to say nail stamping. It's such a versatile way to decorate your nails, and the images are endless.

8. What inspired you to start blogging?
Once I got better at painting my nails, and trying out different nail arts. I posted my photo's on Facebook, and so many friends and Family were liking/commenting that I thought why not.

9. Favourite food?
Freshly cooked donuts :)

10. What is your most wanted polish?
Again I can't choose one here. I would love to try Nails Inc. OPI or China Glaze. I don't own any of these brands.

11. What nail art trend do you hate?
I can't actually say I hate any. Each to their own.

I have been nominated again by The Pink PrincessZ :) So here are my answers to the question I was asked..

1) What's your go to nail art style? (e.g. Plain, dotticure, themed)
I love some plain colours on my nails, However plain is just not me lol and I always have a pattern, be it water marble, stamping or freehand.
2) What was the first blog you followed?
I have followed so many, but thinking back it was either My Simple Little Pleasures or ProfessionalDQ.
3) What has been your biggest blogging mistake to date?
As yet I don't think I have made any blogging mistakes. Not to say I'm perfect ha ha, I'm sure I will one day!
4) Any hints and tips for other blogging beginners?
Go for it! If's its about something you love then why not share with the world.
5) Name & Shame: Your worst nail varnish purchase?
Nail Craze I do believe from the 99p store. Crackle polish that has no crackle!!
6) Name & Fame: Best varnish buy of the year so far?
Sally Hansen Insta-dri 30 second top coat. Dries so quick, leaves an awesome shine to your nails.
7) What are your nail essentials? Fake nails? Buffer? Top coat you swear by?
Cuticle Oil and hand cream. Both Superdrug's own brand but awesome :)
8) Square or shaped?
Each to their own, I mean it's their nails on their hands.
9) Do your family and friends know about your blog?
Yes, and the support from them is amazing. My Hubby asks me everyday how its going :)
10) Why out of my 11 choosen do you deserve this award the most?
I'm not expecting to win, there are so many nail blogs out there, I'm just happy to get page views, comments and the odd new follower.
11) If you were going to make one varnish what would it be? colour and name!
There's most prob one on the market already. But an Electric Blue Holo, and I'd call it WOW, or a Neon Pink Holo and call it Shamazin'



  1. Hi Hun, I have nominated you for the Liebster award aswell haha x...