Saturday 28 September 2013

In Memory of My Mum's Birthday

Nails for My Mum <3

I'm here again :) and for those of you who are in the Adventures In Stamping Group on Facebook, will most probably know that I have been waiting on the Rockstar 1 plate from MoYou London. As soon as I saw this plate back in August I wanted it, not just for the other designs (which are me down to a tee) but this one design I knew I could do an awesome design in memory of my Mum's birthday. Sadly the plate never came in time and I did another nail art for my Mum, but was still planning the original one when the plate arrived. 

 This design was done with the water decals I got a while back, and the base colour is Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Lavender Cloud.
So today the postman delivered my MoYou Plate :D Happy was just one word to describe how I felt!! Late but worth the wait :) This post is later than normal for me as the nail art I was planning took me 5 hours!!

MoYou London Rockstar Plate 1

Just wicked images on this plate, admittedly a lot larger than any images from my other stamping plates, but amazing all the same. 
Now without drifting away from today's nails too much, I'll quickly explain that I was a carer for her, and moved next door to look after her 24/7. I did this for just over 9 years, right up until she passed away in January 2000. Thirteen years may have passed, but it's still like yesterday. I had a tattoo done the same that is on her headstone. 

Not exactly the same, but as I said earlier as soon as I saw one image on this plate, I knew I needed it in my life lol.
So here's the finished design....

Base colour is Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Crinoline. I stamped the rose, took out the words 'rock& roll' and painted in Mum with black acrylic paint. Then filled in the rose and leaves with Sinful Colors, Sugar Sugar (red) and Envy (green). Now you can see why this took 5 hours. I'm so happy with this, just a shame the sun had gone by the time I'd finished, and even though its later than first planned :)

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. They look absolutely lovely :) x

  2. They are fantastic!! I love how you have done it and the reason why! Inspiring and so effective too! Five hours is nothing when you're doing something you love and that means so much to you!

  3. What a lovely tribute, it is very similar to your tattoo :)

    1. Im glad its not just me that thinks that. Thank you xx

  4. That's amazing! What a gorgeous tribute and what a lovely idea. Might have to think of one for my mum :)

    1. Thank you. I'd love to see yours if you do one :) x