Wednesday 18 September 2013

Beauty UK Posh Polish Grit FX

Grit FX from Beauty UK

Wasn't expecting to do a mid week post, but I decided to change my nails today, as although the stamping I did at the weekend grew on me, I was getting bored of it!! So without even thinking what polish to use, I just opened one draw of my helmer and picked a polish. Pulled out Beauty UK Grit FX in the most awesome electric blue- Shoreditch, then I took out the other two I have in this range. A bright pink- Birdcage and an amazing nude- Kensington. These were a beauty to apply, two coats of each, and the textured feel is awesome. Not too rough, to me its just right. Sparkle in the sun too :) I'm not normally one for keeping my nails plain, but I love these polish so much I will for now :)

Have you got any of these polishes? I got my three favourite colours from Superdrug, but they can also be purchased from the Beauty UK web site.
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