Thursday 18 July 2013

Water Marble Stickers

How I Water Marble my toes

Hello all, I really wasn't planning on being back here again so soon! But I was asked on my Facebook Page how I water marbled my toes. So the easiest way for me to explain was to show by photos how I do it. Now I'm not claiming this to be my own idea, as I have seen a few videos with it down this way, I just do something different to these videos to make it easier for me, and now I'm going to share with all of you lovely people. So if you want to try it, feel free to have a go, and I'd love to see photo's, just post them on my page on Facebook :) I don't claim to have the best looking feet in the world either lol, but when you think of all they go through, does anyone ha ha.

This was a design I did the other week, using the method I'm about to explain. The first time I water marbled my toes, I did it the same way I do my fingers, but without taping, and I can say it was a disaster, and the clean up was terrible!! For this tutorial I'm showing the finished result on swatch nail sticks, as I'm loving what I have on my toes at the moment :)

It is basically the same procedure as when you do you fingers, here I'm using MUA in Fever Red, Bold Blue and Bright Coral. Dropped polish in to make a ring of colours and drew a pattern using an orange stick.

You can see four nails behind the cup already painted with two coats of white polish, I did four different designs which you will see at the end. To make the stickers, you will need some plastic, like a folder for keeping paper in, I'm using disposable icing bags, that I had left over from when I used to decorate cakes. These work really well. Cut into pieces large enough to fit in the top of the cup of water, and when you have your design lay a piece on top the nail polish, and carefully push down, using tweezers slowly pull out.

Leave to dry. Now the thing I do different, is to paint clear nail polish over the design, as I think it makes it easier to take off the plastic, and more manageable when your applying to your nails.

Slowly peel the polish away from the plastic, I find using tweezers to lift the edges is easier, till the whole design comes away. Paint a thin coat of top coat over the nail, and place the sticker over and push down. Do this lightly, as the more you touch the wet nail polish under the sticker will soak through and ruin all your hard work.

Now I'm just doing this to show you how I do it, but for your own nails you can carefully cut the sticker so it isn't too big. Nail polish remover will remove any excess around the nail, but here I had to use a nail file, and pull away with tweezers. It does seem like a lot of bother just for your toes, but if your after something different, give it a go. Here are all the different design I did, and even one that went wrong! I wasn't going to include it, but thought I would to show you :)

I hope you liked this tutorial, and found it easy enough to understand :) Emmerdale is on soon, so I'm off lol Thanks for reading, and I'll be back sometime tomorrow..


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