Saturday 13 July 2013

A week of Nail 1


Hey all, hope you are all well. So I decided to do a Week of Nail Art. I have seen many blogs on 'a Week of Polish', but me being me lol, wanted to take it a step further! I don't know if anyone has actually done this before, or I am the first. It will be a hectic week, with it being the last week at school before the Summer Holiday's, but I'm determined to do this!!

So for the first one today, I have done a water marble, using Jesse's Girl Nail Polish. 

These polishes work extremely well for water marbling, and spread so easy in the water, making the design I wanted to do even easier :) I have never tried a full flower for my nails, always used just half for a petal design. After painting my nails with two coats of white polish, and taping off I started. Well even I was amazed at how quick I was finished, and I put it down to the polish spreading so well. As I'm no water marbling expert. Here is the finished result, after a bit of cleaning up and a top coat.

Such a pretty flower design :) 
What do you think about my Week of Nail Art?
I'll be back tomorrow with the next design, and even painting some Kesha dollar sign inspired nails for my daughter and her friend tomorrow, as they are going to see Kesha in concert on Monday :) So tomorrow will be a busy day!!!

Till then have a great Saturday :) Thanks for reading..


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