Thursday 18 July 2013

A Week of Nail 6


I'm here again, with day 6 of my Week of Nail Art. I'm actually surprised I had time to do my nails today. After two trips to the shops and to B & Q so my Hubby could get some bits for the garden. I also knew the nail stickers I applied yesterday would be a pain to remove, and boy I wasn't wrong!! After filling them and with nail polish remover, filling again, my nails were eventually clean. I didn't want to use my normal foil method, as I have been doing my nails every day since last Saturday, and some are patched, and I didn't want to have to start replacing patched aswell.
So for today's nail art, I have done a white and rainbow polka dot design. I started my appling two coats of whit polish, and then a matte top coat, only as I wanted to see what matte white looks like.

Not bad as it goes, but then it is all down to personal preference. For the rainbow dots I wanted bright colours, and used  Cairuo Nail Polish, which I reviewed here. I also decided to do different size dots. The one thing I wasn't aware of with these nail polishes was that they are scented, how I never really noticed before, I have no idea lol, but I can really smell all the scents now, and not that's its over powering, but I'm hoping it fades soon :) but then I will be taking it off tomorrow for the last nail design for this week. 

If you have young children you will get were I am coming from lol but this design reminds me of Mr Tumbles Spotty Bag, from the kids TV programme Something Special. Looks so bright in the sun with the white nail polish. Well time for a cuppa now I'm done :) Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you again tomorrow for the last design in my Week of Nail Art...


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