Wednesday 17 July 2013

A Week of Nail 5


Hello :) I really can't believe how quick this week is going, and that I'm on day 5 already of my Week of Nail Art. After yesterdays one, where my top coat smudged the stamped design, was glad to be doing another today! I said it would bug me, and it did so much I took it off late last night, so my nails were all ready for today. I chose a Matte black, Nail Sticker and Dots design. Sounds a lot on one nail, but looks wicked :) To me I think buying a Matte Top Coat works out better and cheaper than buying Matte Nail Polish. As you can Matte any polish you already have, I have a few different makes of Matte top coat, by Rimmel, MNY Maybelline New York and George at Asda! I was aware that Asda sold nail polish, and when I was there a while back and they were only £1 each, I bought the last two. So I started out by painting my nails with two coats of Rimmel polish in Black Cab, and used the George Matte, two coats also.

Not a bad top coat for a Supermarket brand, I would but it again. Nice size brush and to apply, no smell and dries really quick. The nail stickers I used are Full Nail Sticker by Pink Tease, and I cut them into thin strips, enough for two for each nail.

Was tricky getting them where I wanted them on my nails, and even snapped some and cut more! I used a matte top coat again, to stop the sticker from peeling off. Would have used a normal top coat, but I'm after a matte nail design.

They look awesome just like this, but I wanted to add a shiny black polka dots down the middle of each nail, again with Rimmel in Black Cab.

Such a dramatic effect for something so simple and easy to do.  A bit 'Rock Chick!' I'm wondering what other colours would look like in this design, or whether black looks the best. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you for reading, I hope you are enjoying this, as much as I am doing it :) See you all again tomorrow...


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