Sunday 14 July 2013

A week of Nail 2


So here I am again, with the second day in my Week of Nail Art. I was planning something simple, but different and colourful today, as I was going to be doing the Kesha dollar sign inspired nails aswell. But I did those yesterday, and the photo is on my Facebook page. For this I used Barry M Black polish, sponged over with Barry M Magenta Glitter polish, and then free hand painted the dollar sign with Beauty UK Posh Polish in Topaz. Anyway back to today's nail art. Its not so much of a nail art, but something I wanted to include in this week. I have seen many photos of Rainbow Crackle nails, but these are created by painting the nails with rainbow colours first and then painting black crackle polish over the top. Well my one is the other way round. A while back I bought some Rainbow Crackle Polishes, the blog post is here.I decided to mix it up a bit, so after painting my nails with two coats of black polish, I side swiped the crackle polish on my nails, using five different colours, making a crackle rainbow on each nail. Even mixed the colours round so each nail is different in colour. I didn't use a top coat with these, as I think crackle polish looks better without it. Not sure if I mentioned this in my blog post on these polishes, but they look darker when applied to the nail, and dry much brighter. Giving a neon crackle effect :)

I wasn't a big fan of crackle polish, but with these, and the MUA Glitter ones, I have been converted lol. What do you think of this crackle design? I'm off to sit in the garden for a while :) enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thank you for reading, and I'll be back lol with another design tomorrow :)


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