Monday, 5 March 2018

Born Pretty Store

Nail Art Brushes

Happy Monday peeps! The weather is much better, all the snow has melted and we have our heating working again. I'm also feeling much better and and super pleased with the nail art I created today for my Born Pretty Store review. 
I've been wanting to practise my freehand nail art a lot more, and with this 3 piece liner brush set, I was hoping it would make it easier for me. Now I've not done a full freehand nail art for ages as I feel a bit intimidated at times!
But after watching a few videos on YouTube I feel a lot more confident. 
In the pack the 3 brushes are super thin and different sizes. 7mm, 9mm and 11mm.
For my mani I was inspired by Robin Moses. I totally feel in love with this Spring mani that I had to try and recreate it! Well it's the best freehand I've ever managed to do!
Here is a pic of the dress.
These brushes made creating this look so easy.
I finished with a matte topcoat as it suited more than a glossy.
What do you think?

If your looking for a new set of brushes I'd absolutely recommend these. I'll try and do a video very soon showing how great these brushes are. Oh and I used regular acrylic paint aswell.
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Stay safe and much love.....