Thursday 29 March 2018

My Favourite Polishes the final


Hello friends, after a very busy week of family and celebrating, whilst trying to keep on top of my reviews, I'm officially pooped! And so glad I can turn my alarm off for the next 2 weeks :)
Well here we are, the final instalment of my favourite polishes. These ones made the cut to be shared with you all as I've been seeing a lot of photos and posts on gel cat eye/magnetic polishes. And from those I tried when I could wear gel were amazing. But just recently (to me anyway) they seemed to have made a huge come back. So now I can longer wear gel, I pulled out my very first magnetic polishes I bought years ago, and yes they still have a magnetic quality, I thought over the years like thermal polishes this may have diminished. 
I got these from a Chinese seller on eBay, that's all I can remember. They have no names or numbers. I used my cat eye magnet for the first 2 colours.

Used a different multi line magnet for the blue.
And back to the cat eye for this gorgeous green. I have to admit this one is my favourite.
They all apply with a shimmer look and as soon as you hold the magnet close, they change to a bolder glossier colour. Something fun about these polishes. Personally the only one I don't want to make a come back is the crackle effect. That was one I didn't really like.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. I need to try magnetic polishes

  2. I have a few magnetic polishes I recently got. Cannot wait to try them! I like your last pic best!

  3. Magentic polishes are so hot right now. I remember how I threw out most of the ones I had from like 2011-2012 and now everyone is all about them. I like the ones you show here.

  4. I am a big fan of magnetic polishes! I really like the cat eye look.

  5. I am so glad magnetic polish came back. It's so fun!

  6. The multi line magnet is awesome! That one is super unique.