Friday 16 March 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Cupcake Nails

Well here we are Friday again. I was at my daughter's school last night for a meeting to do with the subjects she wants to study for her GCSE exams. I can't believe she is my last child to go through school. My baby is growing up so fast!
Talking of my kids, my son is 20 on Sunday and my review for Charlies Nail Art is a perfect birthday mani. These cute 3D Cupcake charms are so detailed and look so yummy! You get 2 charms for just 29p.
For my base I took the colours from the cup cake case and painted my nails with a light teal polish, then with a striper brush and red polish added thin stripes to 2 nails and polka dots on the others. I added the 3D Cupcakes to the dotty nails with top coat.

I didn't realise I matched these colours so well!
And these charms are a nice size and great for a party of any kind, or if you fancied a fun look for you nails. There are 3 different kinds to chose from.
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Have a great weekend and as always stay safe, much love...