Friday 9 March 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Pin-up Girls

Is it really Friday? I don't know whether this week has gone past quickly or not! But I am glad the weekend is oh so near.
With International Women's Day yesterday these nail wraps I have from Charlies Nail Art are a perfect. Pin-up is a drawing, painting or photograph that's risque and flirtatious but never explicit and the term 'pin-up' was first used in the U.K. in 1941.
These wraps are extremely detailed.
The look of these wraps also reminds me of the 1940's/1950's and I've never seen nail decals like this before. They'd be perfect for a fancy party, like burlesque for example.
They are full coverage so no need for a base colour, just a base coat to protect nails from water and helps the decal adhere to your nails. I found a matte finish suited these perfectly.

My discount code BNM15 will get you 15% off your order, free uk delivery if you spend £15 + and free international delivery on orders over £25. And not to forget you can check out them out over on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. You're right- these are very detailed! My pap had a pin up calendar in the bathroom of his upholstery shop, which now belongs to me. It's really cool.

  2. These are really cool! I very rarely use decals. I am 100% happy that it's Friday--so ready for the weekend.

  3. These nails are so cute! I love the vintage images.

    1. Me too, something about vintage that looks so pretty x