Monday 26 March 2018

Born Pretty Store

Sunlight Thermal Pigment

How was your weekend? Mine was a nice mix of relaxing and family fun. We did an early Easter Egg hunt for my 3 yr old granddaughter and she absolutely loved it. So much so we had to hide the eggs again!
Do you like thermal polishes? Well how about some thermal pigments from Born Pretty Store that change colour in the sun. Now honestly I was a bit of a twit when I picked these to review!! Firstly as I didn't realise the they solar activated, and we don't get much sunshine in the U.K! And secondly I got a bit confused when picking the colours I'd like to try and asked for completely different colours. But don't get me wrong they are still both very pretty, although honestly I wouldn't have picked the orange due to this shade clashing with my skin tone.
Shade 6.
Shade 5
Before I share my photos check out my video where I tried a few different experiments with applying these pigments, plus also be aware these are ment for gel polish, and I use regulr polish. As the sun was shining I took advantage and tried both powders.Ok I'll stop waffling now.....
Shade 6 goes from a very pale pink, through shades of different pink till it eventually turns red. The longer you are in the sun, the more intense the colour gets. Even though it wasn't very warm while the sun was out, I was utterly amazed how quickly these solar pigments changed, and with regular polish too. No gel or water based polish in sight!

Shade 5 is the orange and boy was this hard to photograph the colour change! But you can see the beautiful pale orange changes to a bright blood red orange.

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Stay safe and much love....


  1. These pigments are so diverse! Now thermal and UV! It would be fun to mix a bunch of pigments on one nail!

    1. That would be good. I may do that with these when the weather is better here x

  2. These are very interesting! I can't believe how many different options we have nowadays.

  3. That’s really cool!! I like the orange>red one best.

  4. I really like how these turned out.