Monday 21 May 2018

Vivien Kondor

Water Permeable Polish

Hi guys, hope you had a good weekend? Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I did, as though I'm not a true royal, I have a soft spot for William and Harry as their Mum was a beautiful person.
So today I bring you some exciting news. I'll start with my swatches first as these 2 are from the old Water Permeable collection from Vivien Kondor and are on sale as a collection of 40 brand new shades has now been released.
No base coat or top coat is needed for these polishes, otherwise that beats the point of it being water permeable. But saying that, it doesn't stop you wearing these as normal polishes if you don't need the water permeable for religious reasons. They are beautiful creme polishes and perfectly opaque in 2 coats and dry quickly to a lovely glossy finish.

So as I said these 2 are from the old collection. Now look at the stunning selection of newer colours as well as new packaging!

 Over the coming weeks I'll be fetching you my swatches and thoughts on each shade, plus I now have a discount for you all to use over on the Vivien Kondor website, with UK and international delivery, why not treat yourself! And be sure to watch out for my post on the new collections.
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Stay safe and much love....


  1. Very cool that it’s water permeable! And what nice packaging!

  2. What constitutes it as water permeable? I just learned recently from a Muslim friend of mine that polishes needed to be water permeable.

    1. Water and air pass through the pores in the polish, making this kinder to your nails, more hygienic and water permeable, therefore halal with two coats.

      Muslim women can wear the nail polish while performing wudu as moisture can pass through the polish to their nails.

  3. oh that redddddd is amazing. What a fun option to have.

  4. This brand offers such fun color options! Great Swatches!

  5. These are so pretty. That pink is definitely my favorite.