Thursday 17 May 2018

Moyou Nails Fashion

XL Stamping Plates

Almost the end of another week, and I'm so looking forward to a lay in at the weekend! 
Ok so on with this review for Moyou Nails Fashion and continuing with their new XL stamping plates. Today's plate is from the Vintage collection and comes packaged in a vintage style envelope. The plate measures 12.5cm x 6.5cm and has 18 full nail designs.
A nice mix of images from more true vintage, to floral and even animal print! Admittedly these images are too small for my long nails, but that's where the clear stamper comes into play perfectly. Double stamping is now super easy! For each of my mani's I have double stamped all nails apart from pinky. All polishes used for base colour and stamping are from Moyou Nails Fashion, even my gradient. I really can't recommend these polishes enough for the use of making the easiest, smoothest and stunning gradients. They are so pigmented and blend so nicely, with a quick drying time too. Anyway here are my 4 different looks....

Now looking at my nails could you tell if I hadn't mentioned that I had double stamped? So even if your nails are long don't be put off by the size of these designs, the Moyou Nails Fashion Clear Jelly Stamper works perfectly with these plates and polishes and also great as the stamper head is slightly smaller more of the image goes on your nails and not on your skin, so clean up is so minimal.
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Stay safe and much love......


  1. So many gorgeous looks. I always love your rainbows.

  2. Great Plate, I love the the designs on this one!

  3. Oh my that rainbow is magical! I love the size of the images!

  4. All of your designs look great.

  5. I love the dark one with the silver stamping. Very classy and vintage.

  6. The rainbow nails are my favorite!

  7. Beautiful nail art. I love the plate designs and I can’t tell that you double stamped at all!

  8. I especially love the blue and white mani!

    1. Something about blue and white that's so clean and crisp x