Tuesday 1 May 2018

Nicole Diary

Patchwork Nails 

Hello nail friends, today I have the final sheet of rainbow gradient water decals from Nicole Diary. Unlike the other 3 this one has more singular decals. As soon as I saw 2 designs I knew exactly what mani to do. I love a patchwork look on nails, so I did a tutorial video showing how to create this look.

For my other look, I kept it plain and simple so I didn't take anything away from the look of the decals I used.

All in all these decals are great quality and so colourful, a stunning mix of full nail and singular in super pretty designs. You could mix and match the decals for a unique look and super easy to apply over a white base especially as this makes the rainbow colours really pop.
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. the last manicure is my favorite

  2. The patchwork decals are so fun. Love how you brought them together.

  3. What an amazing idea! I love this.

  4. The patchwork is super cute! Like a colorful blanket on your nails!

  5. These decals are very pretty and the images look like they would fit on my tiny nails!

    1. They would be great for any length nails 😊