Thursday 24 May 2018

Moyou Nails Fashion

XL Stamping Plates 

Hey guys 😊
I'm spending today writing up all my reviews, I have done a fair few as I was making the most of the weather for natural light photos. So I'll start with my last XL stamping plate from Moyou Nails Fashion.
Bridal 3 is perfect for the up coming wedding season.
A nice mix of singular images, from floral to butterflies. Great for any look if you wanted something different and not wedding themed. For my first mani I stamped the roses in white over a black base, then with water colour paints carefully coloured over them, to create colourful rainbow roses.
Next I did go more bridal and stamped in white again but over a pinky neutral base colour. Then added some small half pearls.
Finally another rainbow look, but this time stamping with these 3 metallic polishes and a few of the different butterfly images.
Another fantastic plate for anyone's stamping collection. A so many different looks you can create with any colour combo.
From all the XL plates I've reviewed, I honestly can't pick a favourite, they are all equally great, nicely etched and so many to choose from each full of beautiful designs. Head over to Moyou Nails Fashion website and have a look for yourself, and should you make a purchase don't forget to use my discount code traceysp.
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Stay safe and much love.......


  1. These smaller images are very cute and super versatile.

  2. These small individual image plates come in so handy. I love the rainbow roses mani!

  3. I love how you used the images, the repeating rose is really pretty!

  4. I struggle with small Images but these came out so well!