Tuesday 8 May 2018

Born Pretty Store

Lace Stamping Plate

Such a lovely break I had this weekend. The weather was beautiful, we had a fun family day in the garden with lots of laughter and great food. It was so nice.
But back in the land of reviews I'm here with my next for Born Pretty Store.
BP L045 is a very detailed and pretty lace flowers image plate.
All fun nail designs in many different sizes, each etched so well and extremely detailed. So many ways this plate could be used. Check out the mani's I created, starting with stamping over a holographic polish.
Just because they are full nail images, they don't have to be used this way.
Just look at all the super fine detail!
And of course great for reversed stamping or leadlighting.

For anyone who loves stamping, this plate had a must for your collection, plus don't forget to use my discount code below.
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  1. Beautiful plate and lovely manis. :-)

  2. I always love plates like this. Instant art!

  3. I love lace stamping! I will definitely check out this plate. I love how clear and crisp the fine details are.

  4. That’s a great plate! I like the red and white lace look the best.

  5. Great stamping, I love that plate!