Thursday 3 May 2018

Moyou Nails Fashion

Optical Illusions 

Hi guys, so how's the weather where you are? Typically the UK weather is so unpredictable! It's gone cold, gloomy and non stop rain....
So with the heating back on, I sat down and had fun playing with another XL stamping plate from Moyou Nails Fashion.
If you have a shorter length nails, a pro at double stamping or a master at enlarging stamped images, then Glam 3 is for you. A mix of animal print and optical illusion images, it's a fun plate to have in your collection. For all my looks I have used polishes from Moyou Nails Fashion as a base colour and stamping. For the stamping I used Moyou's Clear Jelly Stamper.
Here's what I created..
Double stamping the tiger print over white, I mixed coloured polishes with clear to make them tinted and coloured in between the stripes. Rainbow animal print...why not.
Back to a more realistic animal print with the leopard print design. Again I double stamped, and the added darker brown spots really bring this mani together.
Houndstooth for me personally always looks striking when in simply black and white. And yes I double stamped. The clear stamper really makes this so much easier.
Lastly, my go to polishes for gradients are Moyou Nails Fashion ones. They are highly pigmented, blend so well and dry quickly. So after making my rainbow gradient (just using yellow, blue and pink) I stamped 4 different optical illusion images. Now these are more tricky to double stamp, and I really suck at enlarging images, but turning the stamped image diagonally really helped it fit even my long nails!

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Stay safe and much love....

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