Thursday 19 February 2015

A2Z and O is for..


Hello all and here I am again with another Thursday and another A2Z nail art. I was expecting this one to completely baffle me, but as soon as I had finished my Valentine's mani I knew exactly what to do for the letter O. I was rather pleased with myself as my first Valentines manicure didn't go according to plan!!
So I already had the base on my nails for the nail art, a very delicate a pretty English Rose Nail Foil.

Again in my head what I had in mind looked great, but wasn't sure if it would on my nails and over this foil. Using Collection Moonlight Shine, a purply grey polish and Moyou Nails plate 97, which id full of writing/word designs I stamped the smallest writing over the foil. 

And here's the finished look..

Yes it worked!! and I love it!! Dusky pink roses and the shade of polish for stamping does make me think it looks Old looking, I hope you think the same, I'd love to hear if you like this as much as I do. 
The Main Hub is the place to go to see all the A2Z manicures, and take a look below at the other O for Old ones, by all the awesome bloggers in the challenge :)
Till next time, stay safe and much love...