Saturday 21 February 2015

Freehand Roses

MUA Polishes for Freehand 

Hello everyone, I'm feeling much better today and so happy to be able to do some freehand nail art, on both hands! I've been doing so many nail challenges that I've only been painting one hand. So it was a nice change today, and I haven't done any freehand for a while. 
I was inspired by @thenailomon on instagram for this manicure, and I couldn't wait to try it myself.
The polishes I used are all from MUA,  green acrylic paint, a dotting tool and a very thin nail art brush. 

Orchid, Cherry Blossom, Steel Blue, Sweet Peach and Whitewash.

My base was white, and I dotted blobs of the four colours on my nails for the roses.

Then I added foliage with the acrylic paint and the thin brush. I did cut the bristles to make the brush thinner. I then added another two roses on the tips of my thumbs.

Using the same brush I added white detail to each of the roses, then added a few gold bits on the green with acrylic paint, to add a bit of sparkle.

Topcoat to smooth everything and leave a nice glossy finish.

I'm so so happy with these, even on my cindy hand! Especially since its been a while doing any freehand.
I would love to hear what you think?
I'm off for nanny cuddles now :)
Till next time, stay safe and much love....


  1. I love these hun you did a great job with the freehand well done looks lovely :) xx

  2. looks perfect for Spring! I'm too nervous to try freehand

    1. Thanks, it's been a while for me. Start with something easy, it's great when you can do this :)