Monday 23 February 2015

Something New

Waterfull Manicure 

Wow that a busy Monday! Kids back at school/college, I started a new group on Facebook on Water Marbling Nails, to help those find the technique difficult. If you'd like to join its Marbled Manicures.
Anyway back to today's nails and a new nail art for me to try out. I have heard of a Waterfull Mani, but never had a go, until today. But what colours...I couldn't make my mind up so used this lot..

I used Accessorize in Ivory Lace as my base colour, then did a different waterfall design using each group of 3 colours on each nail. Now I'm not sure how others do this, but I started with the darkest colour first, then the middle colour and lastly the lightest, painting thin stripes from the bottom of each nail and tapering as you reach the tip.

Not bad for a first attempt and no clue if I was doing it right lol. I will be trying this again at some point, but will use the same colours for all my nails. What do you think? I love reading you comments, and reply to each one :)
Till next time, stay safe and much love..