Thursday 12 February 2015

A2Z and N is for...


Hello lovelies and welcome to the next letter in the A2Z series. I can't believe how quick we are getting through this challenge, and all the awesome mani's everyone has come up with.
For my New nails I have used a new polish, and this is also one of the prizes included in my Giveaway
Its called Nail Rock and has an electric blue almost gelly looking polish and a pot of Silver Leaf Foil.

I do love blue and this is an amazing colour, great application and drying time. To apply the foil I used tweezers to pull small pieces off and laid them on my nails once the polish was dry, and gently smoothed into place, no topcoat needed as once pressed onto the nails the foil stayed in place. I added random foil over each nail and top coated to protect.

This look reminds me off space, like asteroids floating through! The main hub page is where you can see all the wonderful mani's for the challenge, off to do my next post for today...busy busy busy..
Stay safe and much love..