Thursday 5 February 2015

A2Z Nails and M is for...


*update- I have added a tutorial for this at the end of this post*

Well after a very long day yesterday and after all the excitement of my daughter having her baby, I really didn't think I would have time to do this mani for the next A2Z challenge. This is one of the quickest mani's I ever done!! And this will be a really quick post.
For my multicoloured I have done a rainbow water marble using these polishes..

Then used my own made holo topcoat..

I love how the water marbled stripes all join together, looks so dreamy :) Hope you like it too.
Main hub page for all the A2Z nails can be found here, and until next time stay safe and much love.
I was asked for a tutorial on how to do this water marble, so here is a page from my water marbling book explaining.

One of the easiest water marbles that may be a good first try, as it only involves drawing four easy lines. The most effective look for this is the colours of the rainbow. Seven polishes dropped in the order of the song!  Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue. Two drops of each polish. Starting at the center polish, draw a line to one side, then one from the middle to the top. Continue drawing another two lines to the other side and bottom. Then choose one of the lines, line your nail and dip.


  1. Wow, this is so pretty and fun! I wish my water marbles looked this good, especially when I take my time!!

    1. Thank you :) never give up, you will get there xx