Sunday 7 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas...Day 4

Santa and His Helpers..

Hello all, and welcome to another day in the 12 Day of Christmas Challenge. I have another freehand nail art. I did these Santa faces last year, and have also done Elves this year. Both of these nail arts is another inspiration by a lovely and talented lady who on youtube goes by the nail of Simply Rins.
Three polishes and some acrylic paint, and lets go.

I painted Accessorize in Ivory Lace on my middle finger. Outdoor Girl Pastel blue on my index and ring fingers, and my thumb and pink in Essence A Hint of Love.
On the red I randomly dotted with white spots. Painted Santa on my middle finger, and the Elves over the pastel blue. 
Santa was easy as I had done this before, the Elves however, even though they looked easy enough were a bit trickier. But I managed to paint them as best I could. I really need to practise this typw of free hand more!

What do you think?

Not bad huh. I'm pleased with them, and can't stop looking at my nails :) 
I'm enjoying all these challenges, and off to plan the next one! So till then stay safe and much love..