Friday 19 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas...Day 10

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Wow, day 10 already! Hello again, just a short post for this one as it's nearly the end of the School Term and have loads going on at my Daughters School.
From all the challenges this was the trickiest one of the lot. I even bought a stamping plate to make it a bit easier for me. When it arrived the images were a lot smaller than my nails, but I still managed to overcome this problem. The decision was how to use the plate!!
So I painted my nails with one coat of Nails Inc Big Apple Red and when dry did a white stripe across the middle of each nail.
I stamped with white of the red parts and green on the white. Now I haven't stamped for a while and lining the images up where tricky, to get the right colours on the right part of each nail, but I managed it. Also I have noticed just lately the my cuticles are getting drier than normal, so will be oiling them more..

Not one of the best I've done, but hey it is for an Ugly Sweater lol...
The last 2 challenges I'm really looking forward to, even though its a shame this is coming to an end.
Take a look below to see the other Ugly Sweater Nails, and until Sunday stay safe and much love...


  1. They are so pretty!! your so talented Tracy :) xx

    1. Thank you Kim. Hope you are good :) xx

    2. Aw your welcome! very lovely nails and a fab talent you have! I'm good, could be better but looking forward 2 christmas, how are you?xx

    3. I'm good and also looking forward to Christmas :) xx

  2. These would make a gorgeous ornament

  3. Yay we're plate buddies today! These are hideous in the great way! Love em!

  4. This is awesome, and totally NOT ugly! :)