Sunday 21 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas.... Day 11

Christmas Presents

Hello again, and here I am with my Day 11 nail art. I had 2 designs in mind for this one, and ended up choosing the hardest of the two, mainly because I did the other last year.

Again another inspired by Robin Moses, and also a different look for a Christmas Present Nail Art.
I started by painting my nails with a sheer nude colour, and adding red to the tips.

Then with some acrylic paint I slowly painted presents and candy canes, and added detail when they were dry.

I am so happy with how these came out. One of by better freehands inspired by Robin Moses!!
I'm so looking forward to Day 12, as I have a really special idea in mind.
Till then, thanks for stopping by and stay safe, much love...


  1. These turned out great, I love them! x

  2. These are great! I love the addition of the candy canes!

    1. Thank you, came out better than I was expecting :)