Tuesday 16 December 2014

W7 Polish and Cosmic Nail Dust Review

Glitter tips and Snowflakes.

Hi guys again and here is my review for W7 on 2 polishes and 2 Cosmic Nail Dust they sent me for some Christmas Nail Art. I have done some reviews for W7 before, and they have some awesome polishes and loose glitters that wear very well. These are the goodies I was sent to review..

Bright orange and a gorgeous blue nail dust, and the polishes are called Orange Sorbet and Envy. The Orange is not so much of a Christmas colour, but still a beautiful colour.

A nice wide brush, making it easier to paint your nails without having loads of clean up to do, and the coverage of this polish was amazing.

This is just one coat and no topcoat, inside with the flash on my camera. How awesome does this look!!

Two coats, still no topcoat. Photo taken outside. Still looks amazing! 
For the Nail Dust, I went for a simple tip design. The bottle has a handle little pouring spout so you can put the glitter exactly where you want it.



Then the sun came out!
The glitter is much bright than the polish, but what a great contrast in colours.
Next up is Envy, a pretty shimmery bluey teal polish. Again great coverage...

One coat with no topcoat, inside with the flash.

Two coats, no topcoat in natural light. Such a pretty colour, just the right amount of shimmer, and application was perfect with the nice wide brush. 

For this one I tried something, not knowing if it would work. I used my craft snowflake punch, and cut shapes into white stickers to make snowflake stencils.

I applied 2 to each nail apart from my ring and pinky, just 1 on those nails. Painted with clear polish, sprinkled the glitter and carefully removed the stencil.

Yay it worked! Glitter snowflakes with no mess :) So pretty and sparkly when the light caught them, just perfect for this time of year...

Overall both polishes are fantastic for quality, application and coverage. The nail dust is so easy to apply and hardly any mess on your fingers to clean up, and adds an extra sparkle to any mani.
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Thanks for stopping by, till next time stay safe and much love..