Wednesday 6 November 2013

Glamour Magazine NI Polish

Kate Spade Nails Inc Polish

Happy mid-week to you all :) I must admit I wasn't planning on doing this post, but it felt like I haven't been here for ages, even though its only a few days since my last post lol. Also I know I'm not going to be the first person to blog about the Kate Spade Nails Inc Polish that came with the December issue of Glamour Magazine. Now for me personally this was the only way I could afford to buy a NI polish, so I took advantage of this offer and bought all four colours :) I walked all the way to my local Tesco, and hurt my back in the process :( 

Here are my pretties outside Tesco :)
Only opened and looked at them properly last night as I was laying down most of the time in agony with my back. The lid on the red polish looked funny and when I tried to open it, it came clean off and polish went everywhere!!! I had nothing I could tip it into, and it looks an awesome red, so my lovely daughter went to the local shops just to see if she could find another for me :) bless her she did!!

The red had a dodgy lid that snapped right off :(

So as well as swatching the four colours I also wanted to see how well they would all stamp. Here are my results...

Soho Silver, Uptown Glamour, New York Noir and Big Apple Red.

So I stamped the same image on all nails and did gold on the red, silver on the black, red on the gold and black on the silver. I was surprised that they all stamped really well. I only did this really quickly as although my back is better today, it's still letting me know it hurting :/
So if you haven't yet, go treat yourself to these little beauties, also out tomorrow is the December issue of Cosmopolitan Mag and they have four Orly nail polishes :)

Awesome... Well that's all for now, till next time, take care.


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