Saturday 2 November 2013

Sparkly Nail Foil Firework Nails

Firework Sparkle Nails

Happy November to you all :) Im glad in a way October is over, and I can now do some different nail designs. And my first one for this month is Sparkly Firework Nails, done with Nail Foil and Striping tape. I haven't used my nail foils for about a year, and I thought they would add an extra touch of sparkle to the design. 

I have about 12 nail foils, but used these ones for this manicure. Pictured with the foil glue.

As you have to paint your nails first with a colour that matches the foil, these were the closest polishes I could find. The blue and green have no name, and came in a cheap set from ebay. 2True shade 41, Sinful Colors in Let's Talk and Barry M Gold Foil.

Pretty Matte Black, as I wanted a one coat black, and you'll see why later. Beauty UK in Twinkle Twinkle and striping tape.

So I started by painting my nails with two coats of polish, apart from the Barry M Gold, as this is a one coater for me.

When this was dry, I painted a thin coat of foil glue. This has a bluish tinge when wet and dries clear. That's when you know its ready to stick the foil to your nails.

My camera just doesn't do the foil justice, so I took a quick video and my neighbours cat came to join me!!

Some top coats can make the foil crack, but I've found that La Femme Clear doesn't. It's even good over stamping images, it don't smear them either :)
So when this had dried I cut pieces of striping tape and stuck them to my nails like this..

Now this is why I wanted a one coater Black polish, as you can only work with one nail at a time. Once you have painted the black over, you carefully pull the striping tape off, with the polish still wet. 

This is this part done, looks awesome, but still not finished. I do like the look of the shiny foil against the Matte Black, but just look how wicked a top coat makes it....

For the final part of this manicure, I just topped this with Beauty UK in Twinkle Twinkle, just for an added touch of sparkle :)

This video is a bit blurry, and Im sorry for my shadow, but the sun made a quick show and  I dashed out like mad lol 

I love this so so much, that I know I won't want to take it off. Do you like it? I would really love to her your thoughts. Also I would still like some feedback on my Christmas Challenge, as I'll be posting about that soon. 
That's all for now, have a fantastic weekend :) Stay safe and much love x


  1. Very creative, I think the final touch with the sparklies, make the whole look - very eye catching! Xx

    1. Thank you. Everytime the sun comes out I run to the window to see them sparkle :) x

  2. ahhh these are gorgeous! i love fireworks and I actually think these represent fireworks really well. I wouldn't be able to stop looking at my nails if I were you!

    Sarah xx

    1. Thank you so much. I do keep looking at them when the light catches them and they sparkle. Its one of those manicures I know I wont want to take off :) x