Saturday 23 November 2013

Pretty Polishes

Nail Polish by Pretty <3

I'm so excited to be doing this review for Pretty today. They have recently released some brand new nail polish in all different effects and in a beautiful range of colours too.  They are sold in Poundland, and now on a new and bigger display :) 
Today I have a varied lot of polish to show you, so here we go...

This is what Pretty sent me :) it was well package and wrapped beautifully. A big Thank you to the guys at Pretty HX :) The actual nail polish packaging is fab too as you can see what each polish looks like, and colour coded at the bottom of each. The first one I tried was the Polka Dot in Gold.

The black and red polish are matte polishes also by Pretty, from their Matte & Gloss range, so I could show you what the Polka Dot looks like as well as on its own. Was easier to dot on my nails, than paint, and a lovely range of different size glitters in this polish. 
Next up is the Blue Feather Effect. This looked awesome in the bottle, but even more amazing on my nails. My thumb is painted with Pretty matte blue. I think this polish looks very pretty alone, but with the blue base just wicked :)

Matte polishes by Pretty
Mix it up Glitter & Varnish in Pink. I love the colour of the glitter, and can see this is one of my Christmas nail designs coming up. A creamy pink polish, seemed to dry with a slight matte finish, as I left one nail clear of glitter to show you the colour. The glitter is coming across some what purply in the photos, but it a very nice pinky colour in person.

I save this one till last, as I knew it would be awesome and my favourite from them all. Concrete Effect in Coral. Again coming across slightly darker in the photos, but still looks an amazing colour. Has a very slight silver shimmer to it, and dries with a slight textured effect. This is only one coat of my nails, and you can see how well they are covered. This one dried the quickest from them all. They are all wicked polishes in their own right, but my number 1 is this Coral Concrete.

The nail drying spray has a floral smell, better than any horrible chemical smells that some other drying sprays might have. I used this with the Blue Feather effect, and can say I did make it touch dry, but if I was to catch the polish I don't think it was totally dried. A good product though, as the amount of times I have just painted my nails and then need the toilet lol.

I love this new range from Pretty, and this is my honest opinion of these products.What do you think of the nail polishes by Pretty. What one's have you got?
That's all for today. I'm looking forward to starting my Christmas Nails Challenge next week, so take care everyone and I'll see you all then...


  1. I really like the blue feather effect varnish and the mix it up varnish. It's such a cool idea.

    1. The blue feather is really nice. Love the mix it up glitter, just wish it wasn't so messy to apply! :) x