Saturday 16 November 2013

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Nails

Well am I glad it's Saturday, after the week I've had!! And I was really looking forward to doing my one and only Autumnal nail design of this year. I may change them again in the week as although they are pretty, they didn't come out how I wanted them too. I did at first put it down to the top coat I used, but as I always use it I know it can't be as it had caused me no problems before. I think it was the actual base colour, it's a beautiful colour, was extremely cheap... as in 25p!!!! And that is another reason I may change them soon as I don't want the polish to stain my nails. Sadly the polish has no name, only a label with shade 21 on it. But they do water marble really well :) 

A beautiful deep wine red colour.

The two colours I used to stamp the leaf images are both metallic. Barry M Gold and Ebalay Orange, and Bundle Monster plates BM4 and BM19.

Now I'm showing you my other hand first as I had top coated my normal swatching hand, and you will see what happen when I did top coat them!! But here you can see how nice the two different metallics and leaves look together.
Now look at the difference.....

I know I need a better camera, but I can still normally take pretty decent photos with the one I have, but this was ridiculous to get a good picture. I took loads!! Whether it would have made a difference if I had put a topcoat on the colour first before stamping, I don't know.  It's as if the image had soaked into the polish. Looks a bit gelified. Very pretty to the naked eye, and I love the colour, but I don't know how long it will say on my nails for!! Now I've written this, I am very tempted to take it off watch this space for another post today......

What do you think? Is very cheap polish a bargain, or a risk to staining nails? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Well wishing you all a fab weekend :)

Well I never took it off!! I re-stamped the leaf images again, can see them better this time round, but still not the effect I was hoping for. I now have a horrible feeling that this polish may have stained my nails :( I will be changing them on Tuesday, so for now I will be brave, but keeping wondering if they are stained..The polish will end up in the bin if there is any type of staining on my nails, 25p or not and even though it water marbles well!!! Here are some more pics I took...


Natural Light


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