Friday 22 November 2013

My 10 Favourite Nail Polishes

My top 10 Nail Polishes

So I'm joining in with some other British Nail Bloggers to do a post on our 10 favourite nail polishes. I may sound a daunting task, but for me I knew which were my 10 favourites straight away from my collection of almost 650 polishes!! So without waffling on lets start the countdown from 10 to 1, and this will be a heavy photo post too....

Number 10:
Kate Spade Nails Inc - New York Noir

This is my first Nails Inc polish, but I'm so impressed with the application, coverage and shine from this polish. Plus I use a lot of black polish too as I think on long nails is looks amazing. This is my new go to black polish. As you can see my camera found it hard to capture because of the shine. Two coats with no top coat.

In at number 9:
Ebalay Metallic Pink

I purchased this from ebay quite a while back, and what a great buy :) The most awesome metallic pink polish I have even seen! A one coater, no smell, beautiful application with no streaking and stamps really well. The one thing I never knew when I first got this, is the colour change when a top coat is added. Makes it a brighter pink!! So I took photos with some nail top coated to show the difference, then I top coated them all.

Number 8 is:
Mood Struck Color Changing Polish

I have four color changing polishes from Mood Struck, and this if the first of two colour changes in my top 10. The one I'm going to show you from Mood Struck has to be the best from the lot. It has the best noticeable color change, and is heat sensitive. I'm not a lover of green polish, but I find when I'm wearing this I run my fingers under hot and cold water as I love the change, from green to a vibrant bright yellow.

Number 7:
Miss Sporty - Planet Pink

So this is the first of two Miss Sporty polishes in my top 10. Its shade 205 called Planet Pink. Its from the Clubbing Colours range and is a beautiful metallic dusky pink. Nice to apply and dries quite quickly. I haven't tried stamping with this polish, but I imagine it will work well, although its beautiful on its own. It does look streaky when first applied, but dries beautifully.

Number 6 is:
2true Crystal Nail Polish

I'm not sure this polish is still available from Superdrug, as I got it s few years ago. Sadly no name, just known as shade 4, from the Crystal range by 2true. I have all four colours in this collection red, blue and green, but this shade is my favourite. A wicked glittery and shimmery purple. Two coats and no top coat. Very Christmassy, and look awesome in the Winter sun.

In at number 5:
Nail Pop - Dorothy

This is one of the first glitter polishes I ever got. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The most awesome shade of red, fine glitter polish. I normally paint my nails red before using this, but swatched today with just two coats of polish. I added a top coat to smooth it out, not that its too rough, but just look at the shine and sparkle in the sun :)

Used last year for a Christmas Nail art.

Number 4:
Beauty Uk - Kensington

This is Beauty Uk's Grit FX from the Posh Polish range. A soft textured finish polish. I chose this shade from the others, as I'm not a nude polish person. However this polish converted me. It's a very pretty shade. Reminds me of a meringue when its just cooked lol. Lovely to apply, and a nice drying time. Not too rough to touch, just the right amount of texture.

So to the top 3....
Del Sol - Ruby Slipper

OMG this polish is awesome. I hunted high and low to find it! Another colour change, but this one changes with the sun. So can only really use in the Summer months here. The winter sun only changed it from a gold glitter to a light pink, and I got a freezing cold hand in the process lol. So the photos for this are from the Summer.

This one also deserves a video to show the colour change from shade to sun :)

Number 2:
Miss Sporty - Pop Fiction

This is the second Miss Sporty polish. Its shade 320 and called Pop Fiction, again from the Clubbing Colours range.  It's nice to see Miss Sporty Polishes now have names instead of numbers. It's an awesome bright cornflower blue, and a very good dupe for Nails Inc Baker Street, and cheaper too! Looks nice in the bottle, but comes to life when painted onto your nails and I'm so in love with this colour, that I bought another one..

So finally I'm here with number Number 1 polish. Wow what a job to go through all these, but it's been so much fun, and I have enjoyed every minute doing it. So without and more waffling here is my Number 1 Polish:

Perfect Holographic 

I have the whole collection of this holographic polish by Perfect. Again no names :( they are all awesome, I'd even say the best holographic nail polish for the price. These little beauties only cost me 88p each!! I find myself just staring at my hand for most of the day with these polishes :) I chose to show you shade H 4, a beautiful blue, with the most awesome holographic qualities.

Here's a quick video show some more awesomeness lol from all my holo polishes, the ones marked in black is the complete Perfect collection of holo polishes.

Well phew....that's me done. I hope you liked my Top 10 Nail polish as much as I do :) Here's all 10 of them pictured together, beautiful :)  and on that note I'm off for a well earned cuppa :)

Any here that you like? I like hearing what you think and  reply to any comments :)



  1. i love all your choices! The Beauty UK Grit looks lovely - how is it textured wise is it REALLY gritty or just a little bit? I have a few but I've only managed one where I havent needed to topcoat over.

    And I think I need that Del Sol.. it looks amazing with the nail art you've done!

    1. The Beauty Uk Grit FX is the only textured polish I have so I can't really compare it to any others. But texture wise its really nice and wouldn't really need a topcoat. Thank you for your lovely comment. :) x

  2. So many fab choices and manis!! The Kate Spade Black (New York Noir) is my favourite black :D

    1. Thank you :) I have tried so many black polishes and thought yes at last. When I tried the Kate Spade one I was like WOW no turning back and got another lol xx

  3. You nails are really beautiful and you've picked such lovely colours!

  4. Flip, 88p for a holo that gorgeous? Why have I never heard of this brand? :O

    1. I shop on a budget and was lookinh for a cheap holo. Saw a video of these and googled it. They have a very strong holo effect. I did a blog post on them in April if you want to look. Thank you for your comment :) xx