Wednesday 23 October 2013

Feedback wanted :)

12 Day's of Christmas Nail Art Challenge

Hello all you beautiful people :)  You haven't read the heading wrong lol, But with only about 8 weeks till the big day, I wanted to do a '12 Day's of Christmas Nail Art Challenge' and was wondering if anyone else wanted to join in with me. It will be a different Christmas inspired nail art every Monday, Thursday and Saturday throughout December, with the last four everyday leading up to Christmas Eve. I would love to do my nails again on the day itself, but its a total madhouse here, and I'd never find the time!
As I said I will be doing this challenge myself, and it would be nice if you wanted to join in :) I will do a post nearer the time with the actual nail designs, I just wanted some feedback for now. I will however quickly explain that the nail designs themselves can be stamping, water marble, water decals,  freehand or whatever you have time to do, just as long as it's within the theme of the day.

Would really like to hear your thoughts on this, feel free to comment, I reply to everyone :)

Hello again, so not as much feedback on this as I was hoping for. Looking at it again myself and with December possibly being one of the most busiest months of the year, maybe doing a different nail design three times a week is too much. so instead of '12 Day's of Christmas' I will be changing it to a 'Christmas Nails Challenge' with a different Christmas theme every Saturday and Wednesday. The first would start on the 30th November, and the last one would be on Christmas Eve. If this sounds more appropriate for you, please comment and let me know. Also anyone is still welcome to join in on any of the days, if it's still to much for you to do the whole challenge. I will be posting the design themes and dates nearer the end of November. Hope to hear from you all :) 



  1. I'd love to join in :) I can't guarantee that I'd be able to do every single one, but I'll do as many as I can :D It'll be my first nail art challenge as well!
    (There's also something I've been putting off for ages that I promised myself I wouldn't paint my nails until I've done it, so this is a handy incentive [if you'll pardon the pun] :P)

    1. That's awesome :) I'll be posting the challange designs and dates nearer the time, and thank you x