Sunday 13 October 2013

Diamond Effect Nails

Own made Diamond Effect Nails

Now I'm not sure if you've heard or seen then most expensive nail polish in the world by Azature. It's a white diamond nail polish with a million dollar price tag!! Now whether this is due to the 1400 diamond set lid of the polish as well as the 98 carats in the polish itself, as Selfridges sell the polish 15ml for £17.00. But that is still too expensive for my budget. So I had a go at making a similar effect with some bits I have already. 

Million Dollar White Diamond Polish

So I hunted through all my white polish, and nail art bits and used these four items..

W7 Polar Bear, Collection Sparkle Topcoat, Hedy's Manisma Holo Space Silver and white craft glitter.

I painted three coats of W7 Polar Bear on 2 swatch nails. This is a shimmery some what metallic white polish, a great background colour for what I was trying to achieve. On one of the nails, I then did one coat of Collection Sparkle Topcoat then one of Space Silver. One the other nail, when I painted the third coat of polish, I sprinkle over the white craft glitter while it was still wet. Two very different effects, but also nice looking. Even if it doesn't really look like a diamond polish, it cost me nothing, and I think they look good. Although I think the craft glitter nail looks more like diamonds. Now for you to decide. Let me know what you think, I'd love some feedback on this one.

The sun just made a quick appearance, and I made a mad dash to get one more photo lol.

Hope you like this, and thanks for reading :)



  1. Hi Tracey I have tagged you to join in the Spooktacular Tag! check it out here xx

  2. Both are nice, I do love a good bit of bling on my nails!

    1. Thank you, I might try these on my nails nearer the New Year :) x