Saturday 5 October 2013

Barry M Textured Glitter Polish

I won 5 Barry M Textured Glitter Polish :)

Hello :) I'm so excited and happy to be sharing this with you all, as on Thursday I entered a competition on the Barry M Facebook page, and was one of ten winners!! The prize was 5 New Barry M Textured Glitter Polishes, I was looking for polishes like this too, and they came today :) A heavy photo post coming up....

First the five polishes
Princess, Majesty, Duchess, Lady and Countess

All awesome and beautiful in their own way, I couldn't wait to try them out! I also thought of something to try with them all, which you will see at the end :)  So here goes with the photos....


A very pretty shade of pink, with golden undertones and silver glitter, two coats here, no top coat. Beautiful to apply. Very Princessy :)


A beautiful golden shimmery glitter, very royal indeed. Again two coats and no top coat, great application and nice coverage.


Not pink and not gold, a mixture of the two, to make one wicked colour! Two coats, no top coat and another lovely polish to apply.


A white polish with golden and iridescent sparkle. I wasn't sure how this one would suit my skintone, but was pleasantly surprised :) Still two coats with this one.
Last but by know way least...


This one look kind of brownish in the bottle, but still an awesome colour. Came out burgundy on my nails, with golden undertones and sparkle. This is only one coat, the most opaque out of all of them. Application was great as with the others. The textured feel and the amount of sparkle is just right with all of these polishes. Pretty enough to make any girl feel special :) Perfect for this time of year, and with Christmas and New Year on the way, even better!!
Now to mix things up a bit..... This is all the colours together

Took this one inside for a different view.

Then I tipped each one with a different shade.

Very blingy :) I'm liking these polishes a lot, and for someone who enters loads of competitions and never wins a thing, I so so so happy I won these. So thank you to Barry M!! They are available now in Boots, Superdrug and on the Barry M website for £3.99 each.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these polishes..I reply to every comment, and thanks as always for stopping by :) Till next time, take care..



  1. they look lovely, very tempted by all of them but I expect Countess will be my fave, nice and dark! lucky you though for winning them xx

    1. Thank you, they are all nice, hard to choose a favourite though :) x

  2. congrats on winning! I really like Countess aswell x

    L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D

    1. :) thank you. It is a lovely colour, very Christmassy x

  3. Countess is stunning but I have to be completely honest - I'm not loving them as much as I thought I would. I'll need to try it in Countess and see how it goes :o). Xx

  4. Countess is lovely, very autumnal. Congrats on the win too!

    1. :) thank you. They are beautiful colours for this time of year x

  5. Replies
    1. They are :) it's gonna be a very sparkly end of the year x