Saturday 12 October 2013

Halloween Inspired Nails

Evil/Angry Face Nails for Halloween

I'm still not too sure on this design. Another that looked good in my head but not on my nails, and I'm not normally one to wear orange on their nails, but the L'oreal Coral Starfish, is a beautiful, shimmery shade of orange. I'm sort of wishing I left it plain! Have you ever done that, painted your nails and wish you had left them just plain? Well anyway, I started with three coats of Coral Starfish..

Was lucky enough that the sun was shining when I took these photo's, just look at that awesome colour and shimmer. But it had gone by the time I had finished :(

Used the image that the arrow is pointing too, from one of the new stamping plates I got from ebay. Stamped with Konad Black stamping polish. 

This is with no topcoat. I was deciding whether to go with a matte or shiny finish, and choose shiny.


I used Sally Hansen Super Shiny Topcoat. First time I tried this one, and it didn't disappoint. A wicked shine. But as I said at the beginning of this post, I'm not too sure about this and how long it will stay on my nails lol. I would love to hear your thoughts.. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend and take care...



  1. Love that orange, its just stunning! And as for stamping over it, thats a cute design.

    1. Thanks. I'm still not sure, but I'll leave it on tonight x