Friday 11 October 2013

Pink Friday Part 2

2nd Pink Friday - Breast Cancer Awareness

Hey all :) It seems like I have been away for ages. I have been feeling blurr all week, (think its the change on weather) but that wasn't going to stop me from doing my Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Manicure for the second Friday of  October. Nails are shorter too.
So for this one I decided to use MUA polish in Natural Days and Bright Pink, and Fur Effect in Fluffy Puff and Fuzzy Fluff.
I was going to leave them plain, with an accent with the lighter pink Fur Effect on the rings fingers, and the darker pink on all the others. But then I had an idea of doing Fur Effect on Fur Effect!! So after I had finished all my nails, I took a thin detailing brush and painted the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon with Bright pink polish on the accent nails, and sprinkled Fuzzy Fluff over the top. Gently brushed off the excess. It worked, Fur Effect on Fur Effect :)  Here is the final result... let me know what you think?

Well thats all for today, hope you like this, and as always thanks for reading. Now to think what to do tomorrow, for my normal Saturday Manicure lol. Till then take care...