Wednesday 17 October 2018

What's up Nails

Nail Vinyls 

Just a quick post from me today. I was going through my nail art draw, and came across these nails vinyls from What's up Nails. I haven't used vinyls in ages so thought I'd created a sparkly holo Halloween mani.
I started with a black holographic base and let it dry completely. Then I placed the spider and web vinyls on my nails and carefully painted over with a silver holographic. Check out my quick video over on my Instagram.

You can still get these Spider web vinyls from the What's up Nails website.
Shame the sun wasn't out, as this looked gorgeous under artificial light!
Stay safe and much love......


  1. Holo spiderwebs are a big yes for me!

  2. So cool! I love how you worked holo into this mani! :) And you used What's Up Nails - my new employer! I start this weekend at their new store. Woo hoo!

    1. Thank you so much and how lucky! Congratulations ♡

  3. Love these! I haven't used vinyls in some time myself. Or any art for that matter, lol. These turned out awesome.