Friday 5 October 2018

Charlies Nail Art

Fright Night Nail Wraps

Although Charlies Nail Art is now on a well deserved annual leave for a few weeks, I'll still be sharing items that can be purchased over on their website. 
I'm here with another Halloween set of full nail water decals called Fright Night.
For only 89p you get 10 decals, 2 of each design in different sizes for each nail.
I'm going to share my trick with you all as my nails are longer than these decals. Although you don't really need a base colour, I painted my pointer and ring finger black, middle nail orange and pinky in a mustard yellow. The decal for my pinky fitted perfectly. The black on the pointer and ring nails blended with the black at the bottom of the decals. For the orange, I added some tiny black detail to go with decal on the top of my nail. Hope this make a sense lol.

I did like the glossy finish, but also like the matte look. Which do you prefer?

As I mentioned earlier, you can still place an order but it won't be shipped till Monday 22nd October. My discount code is available for you all to use over the Charlies Nail Art website, plus don't forget to check them out on
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. These are awesome! So much detail that I probably couldn’t handpaint!

  2. These are perfect for the upcoming Halloween! I always wondered how you get decals to fit so nicely on your longer nails!

    1. A trick to everything lol do I thought I'd share 😊

  3. These decals are so great! They really capture that fun Halloween vibe!