Monday 22 October 2018

Paint Glow Polishes

Glow in the dark 

So with Halloween fast approaching, I was looking for some glow in the dark polishes, not UV neon. I sold some items to give me the pennies to treat myself and found a set of Glow in the dark polishes on eBay. 
When I got them, it wasn't till a few hours later I realised though the listing said Glow in the dark set, they wasn't!
Only 3 from the 8 were actually GILD, the rest were UV neon. A bit disappointed and I left a neural feedback, but still very pretty colours.
Super pretty swatched with 2 coats, and a gorgeous glow under black light.
For my mani I made 2 different sets of reverse stamped decals, check out my video to see which plates and live glowiness.

The neon shade just pop over a white base with a black surrounding, and the scream masks and ghosts are so colourful.

Again an awesome glow under black light, but as for GILD, sadly I couldn't see it!

Maybe I never charged the polish under enough light for it to glow in the dark. But I will try again.
Have you got any Paint Glow polishes?
Stay safe and much love.....


  1. Haha great minds! I love this mani. If the glow is good, it should only take 15-20 seconds to charge!

  2. These are so fun!! They’d be perfect to wear to a haunted house - always lots of black lights there!