Thursday 4 October 2018

Moyou Nails Fashion

Autumn/Halloween Stamping

Hey all, welcome back to my tiny part of the world wide web! Although this post isn't actually a review as I've had this Moyou Nails Fashion square stamping plate for a while now, I will link to it as it's a fab plate to have.
Season themed this square plate has single images for Easter, Autumn, Halloween and Christmas.
So with the change in weather it felt so right to do an Autumn leaves mani, I stamped with these polishes over a brown base shade and darker brown accent nail.

Love how each colour looks, and each of the 3 leaf images are very detailed.
Next up for Halloween, the cute ghost and skull look awesome stamped over black and a matte finish. Again etched well and I just love the 'Boo!!'

An all round great plate to have with multiple detailed images for various seasons of the year.
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'traceysp' over on the Moyou Nails Fashion
Stay safe and much love.....