Thursday 18 October 2018

Elune by Emily

Instagram Winner

I come to you with a review but I wasn't sent these gorgeous polishes, I was lucky enough to win the from an IG competition!
When I opened the package ( like a kid at Christmas!) I knew I had to swatch and share with you all.
This was the lovely items I received, my daughter ate the chocolate!! As well as the 4 polishes, I got some witch nail vinyls, which (no pun intended lol) I will use very soon. For now though I tried out the polishes, but let talk about them a bit more before my swatch photos.
10ml bottles, that are 10 free, vegan friendly and cruelty free indie polishes made in the UK by Emily, hence the name Elune by Emily.
All my swatches are with 2 coats plus a glossy topcoat and I'll leave my thoughts at the end of this post.
Ariadne is a beautiful peachy coral shade with white glitters, to me this has slight pink undertones,  but very pretty indeed.

Sindragosa is an iridescent blue polish with added glitters. Can be used as a topper, and I bet it would look lush over black!

Pyrrha is a bronze gold metallic polish with scattered holo glitter. An absolutely amazing polish and too bad the sun wasn't out!

Lastly is Zilpha, a very pretty deep metallic holographic peacock green. This was my favourite from the 4, as I have a new found love for green polishes.

I don't own many indie polishes, but if you can get your nails on these I recommend them. Perfectly opaque in 2 coats, quick drying time to a semi matte finish and applied so easy.
You can check out all the polishes made by Elune by Emily on her website, sadly at the moment though, only delivery within the UK.
But check out also FacebookInstagram and
Twitter to see Emily's stunning quality Indie polishes.
Stay safe and much love.....