Monday 29 January 2018

Madam Glam

Dip Powder Stamping

Hi guys, how was your weekend? Remember on Friday when I said I wanted a quiet relaxing one...yh well that never happened! House full of family on Saturday, no don't get me wrong it was lovely, but you know when you just was some down time, well that was me. And here we are again, start if a new week full of reviews.
Madam Glam dipping powders have not disappointed me, the wear time is awesome. The past 4 weeks I've been rocking Social Saturday on my cindy hand and throughout those 4 weeks it retained its sane stunning sparkle, new nail growth was the only reason I removed it. Another thing I hear asked a lot is can you stamp over dipped powder nails? The answer is yes, you can do any nail art over dip powder nails. 
This gorgeous blue is called #TGIF. You can see I got a bit file happy on my middle finger!
So over this I applied my tacky base and then a mermaid pigment, the delicate white lace stamping looks perfect stamped at an angle instead of covering the full nail.

If you love dipping powders as much as I do, or want to give them a try, I really recommend these Madam Glam ones.
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Stay safe and much love.....


  1. So do you put a normal top coat over the stamping or the special dip powder top Coat? I love this

    1. I do my dip powder nails per usual application. Then any nail art I do over it to use my regular fast dry top coat x

  2. I love what you did with this mani. It's lacey and delicate and I love that base shade.

  3. the lace is a really nice touch

  4. I LOVE these!!!! They'd be the perfect "something blue" for wedding nails.

  5. That's a pretty shade of turquoise. You always have great looking dip manis!