Friday 12 January 2018

Charlie's Nail Art

For you Dad

Hi guys, I'm full of mixed emotions right now, as not only are the kittens going to their new homes, but the next two days are sad ones as two years ago today my Dad sadly passed away, tomorrow will be 18 years since my Mum died. And this poxy flu has knocked me for six!
I'm still here today though with my regular review for Charlie's Nail Art and an dedicating this mani to the memory of my Dad.
Today I have this Loose Glitter that comes in 14 different colours for 75p. I have the silver.
With a slight holo-ness this tiny hexagon glitter was perfect for what I had in mind. With my ring finger painted silver I went for a full glitter finish. My other nails I painted purple and with white acrylic paint added some detail. I mixed some of the glitter with clear polish and carefully filled in a section on each nail as a glitter accent.

So pretty and exactly the look I wanted, though I did add some purple flower water decals from my stash.
This glitter is so versatile in it's uses and a perfect item to have a to add another look/dimension to any mani.
You can check out the other colours in this glitter and all the other stunning glitter mixes over on Charlie's Nail Art website. And don't forget to use my discount code BNM15.
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Till tomorrow, stay safe and much love....