Wednesday 17 January 2018

Beauty Big Bang

Floral Stamping 

Hello there my lovelies, hope you are all well on the Wednesday! You know the one thing I don't like at this time of the year (apart from the cold!) It's how dark the mornings are. There's nothing better than waking up to a bright cheery day!
The next square stamping plate I have today from Beauty Big Bang is super pretty and has 6 full nail floral images.
Beauty Big Bang 10 is a must have plate, all 6 rose and flowers designs are just amazing and full of detail. Plus so many ways to use a plate like this.
Here are my 3 mani's. Two quite simple stamping and a reverse stamped look. The only difficult thing was which images to stamp!

I also use Beauty Big Bang Black and White
stamping polishes, which are great quality for both painting and stamping.
You can find all these items plus a lot more over on the Beauty Big Bang website, plus don't forget to use my discount code TRAB10. And why not check them out on FacebookTwitter
Instagram and Google+.
Stay safe and much love....